Rallye Breslau verplaatst naar September 2020

De Breslau Rally in Polen, waar Jip Saris samen met Jos Beekman, in Juli 2020 de strijd aan zal gaan met de elementen, is verplaatst naar September 2020.

Heel de wereld is in de ban van het Corona virus, dat is geen verassing. Grote evenementen worden afgelast en verplaatst. Zo ook de Breslau Rally in Polen.

Ondanks dat het aantal besmettingen afneemt, is elk land op zijn beurt bezig met voorzichtig meer ruimte geven aan zijn bevolking.

Langzaam maar zeker komt de wereld weer een beetje in beweging, maar nog lang niet overal.

Mede daarom heeft de organisatie van de rally besloten deze te verplaatsen naar een later tijdstip, ook om de vele deelnemers de tijd te geven om adem te halen.

Lees hier het officiele bericht van de organisatie, voor meer info over het team klik hier


Rallye Breslau Poland moves to September 2020
News Event Calendar RBI Sport 2020/21
Official communication

Dear Competitors, dear Motorsport Community,

After almost 3 months of lockdown the European countries begin to consider the emerging from it. Governments are trying to find ways to reopen shuttered economies and return to relative normality.
We carefully evaluated all options and made the decision to move Rallye Breslau Poland from the original dates to September this year. The 5-racing-days-event will take place within the period 15-27.09.2020. The final dates will be announced soon in a separate communication
This was a very difficult decision, but under the complex restricting circumstances that is the only option to keep the event take place this year. By today, we have 217 entries from 16 nationalities, which speaks for the power and commitment of the huge Breslau Family. We thank you for your trust and highly appreciate it!
We know that plans have to be rearranged but all our lives have changed completely in the last three months, living with the pandemic. Numerous events were canceled or postponed and the sport in general was completely shut down. The European countries are all making steps in direction of reopening and returning to normality, but it will take more time than previously expected.
The decision to move the rally to new dates in September is not coming from the base of fear, but from a thoughtful consideration and estimation of the international situation. We also believe that this will give many of us valuable time to recover from the destructive consequences of the crisis. Our intention as organizer is not only to deliver a good and professional rally but also to be responsible for the health and the well-being of participants and their families.

The consequences from the pandemic situation require complete rearrangement of the Event Calendar of RBI Sport for the current and for the next year. We want to inform you on time, as this will help your planning.
Plan for Event Calendar RBI Sport 2020/21
– Rallye Breslau Poland 2020 will be moved from June/July 2020 to the period 15 – 27.09.2020*
– Fenix Rally 2020 in Tunisia will be moved from October 2020 to the period 13 – 20.03.2021*
– Balkan Trophy 2020 will be cancelled. Planning for event 2021 is ongoing.
– Rallye Breslau Poland 2021 is planned in the period 26.06 – 11.07.2021*
– Baja Europe 2020 will be cancelled. Planning for event 2021 is ongoing.
– Possible new event is planned for Sept/Oct 2021.

* Final dates to be announced

Stay healthy and prepare for high amounts of rally action and Breslau adrenaline!

Alexander Kovatchev & RBI Sport Team


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